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  • Reclaiming 40 hours of your work week, with better results.
  • Capturing unique leads with a system that converts at the highest level.
  • Not having to complete 12-24 follow-ups yourself.

Imagine getting back to doing what you do best, legal work.

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About Us

Hero Conversion Technologies (HCT) is a unique hero team serving attorneys by helping them to increase lead conversion. Our team of heroes leverages the lead conversion process in order to convert more leads to appointments, then appointments to paying clients, and finally retained clients to paid-in-full clients as quickly as possible.

Our team’s expertise is particularly effective as it pertains to buying behavior, and our masterful sales choreography has led to a uniform increase in client retention and filing rates for every single one of the attorneys that work with us. A lot of money is left on the table when you don’t have processes choreographed that allow you to position every question and answer to further the sale. That’s what HCT does for Bankruptcy and Family Law attorneys throughout the country.

How We Do It


Negotiate Better Lead Prices

With every lead generation company, we will renegotiate your per lead cost to the HCT per lead cost.








Why Trust Hero CT

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we are the specialists your firm needs. We have core, established relationships with every lead generation company that exists for your firm. Our founder, Tiffany Poole, built Allmand & Lee to the largest bankruptcy filer in the US. When she started with that firm, they filed 10-15 cases per month and before she left they were filing 350 cases per month.

She is also a highly sought-after attorney consultant whose expertise is in converting leads into clients, and she personally trains each and every HERO we employ. Our unparalleled expertise, experience, and niche focus on attorney conversions, allow us to get you better results that you deserve.


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Amazing. I’ve learned so much in the last 4 months after nearly 20 years representing Debtors.” name=”Hunter Goff” subtitle=”Owner of K. Hunter Goff, P.A.”]


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If your business generates less than 800 leads per month, this is the package for you. Click to find out more pricing information.

>800 leads/month

If your business generates more than 800 leads per month, this is the package for you. Click to find out more pricing information.

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What phone system do you use?

We use our phone system so that I can track all the dials and record the calls to make sure the heroes are doing their best to convert leads. My phone system has SMS and yours probably does not.

Who buys the leads?

You’re still on the hook to buy those leads. However, you’ve been buying them all along, so nothing changes there. Except now you’re buying them cheaper.

Will I have access to my hero?

Yep! You have the ability to chat, call, text, or email. Whatever communication is easiest for you to get whatever information you need to get to your hero, and vice versa, we will make happen.

What hours do you work?

The hours that you are open.


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Evening hours and Saturday + Sunday are premium hours. The good news is that your competitors have these calls going to voicemail or Ruby answering service. Evening and weekends are prime for action. It’s the highest conversion for your money spent.

Who disputes bad leads? Me or HCT?

HCT so that you get close to 100% actually credited versus the 10-30% they’ll credit if you do it.

Whose calendar do you use?

We use your calendar so that you don’t have to learn anything. We do the learning. Nothing changes for you.